We Love Our Waters!

Our dream is clean water everywhere!

Our Mission

Our mission is to rally water lovers everywhere to “Wear The FIN” and help  protect our waters. We aim not only to raise awareness of the pollution in our waters, but to be a part of the effort to end this pollution, and create a healthier planet for all life.

We invite you to follow the FIN and join our mission!

Our Motto

“Love and respect our waters, all that live in it, on it, and for it.”

Our Difference

In branding our apparel, we work only with companies that employ fair business practices and environmental safeguards. Here at FinFish Company, we pledge to donate five percent of our proceeds to programs that preserve and protect our beautiful waters.

We invite you to enjoy the FinFish way of life!

Growing up on an island, the water quickly became my happy place.  As an adult, I wanted to do something to protect the waters I love and respect so much. FinFish Company allows me to do just that. I get to offer super cool high quality apparel to fellow water lovers, and make a difference at the same time. Does it really get any better than that?

– Lee McMorrow, founder

Lee McMorrow

Lee McMorrow

Our Founder

Meet Lee! Our founder and CEO has been an avid water lover her entire life. She lives by the motto “Leave the world a better place than how you found it.” Combining her strong view of stewardship of our planet and her love of our waters, Lee decided to build a brand that water lovers everywhere could rally around as a symbol of our promise to love and respect our waters. FinFish Company is the fulfillment of her lifelong dream to give back and make a difference.


Head of Sales

Kim, our resident water sport alficinado, loves being active doing just about anything in and on the water. Swimming, kayaking, water skiing, paddle boarding- you name it. For Kim, the ocean is her continued inspiration. Kim’s growing alarm over water pollution has bonded her to FinFish’s mission for life. Kim explains, “Over two-thirds of our earth is covered in water; we better take care of it!” And this is why FinFish and Kim are a perfect fit for one another.
Kris Clements

Kris Clements

Marketing Guru

“I have been a surfer my whole life,” says Kris. “Surfer first, marketing second. But my love for our waters makes me know I am finally at home at FinFish.” Kris calls her position at FinFish the dream job: “To be able to earn a living while I am protecting the waters I love, well, it is simply a dream come true!”
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

– Jacques Cousteau